i'm a composer.

Some Original Scores

  1. Beyond The Dream Alex Harris 1:06
  2. Digital Frontier Alex Harris 1:05
  3. Omertà Alex Harris 1:05
  4. Revolution Alex Harris 1:11
  5. Indigo Alex Harris 1:36
  6. Fields And Dreams Alex Harris 1:02
  7. Fossil Alex Harris 1:14
  8. Blaze Of Glory Alex Harris 2:10
  9. Unbreakable Alex Harris 2:00
  10. Victory Squadron Alex Harris 1:43
  11. Zero Dark Mission Alex Harris 1:43

more than just music

You need the right music. You need the right composer.

The right composer understands the story you're trying to tell. Sometimes it sounds epic, sometimes it sounds minimal, sometimes...it's silent.

Music is the invisible background layer on which your subject lays.

some clients

Clients include Bang & Olufsen
Clients include BMW
Clients include Coca-Cola
Clients include Mercedes-Benz
Clients include MTV
Clients include Wella
Clients include RAI
Clients include San Carlo
Clients include Sky
Clients include Toni & Guy
Clients include Warner Music Group